*Chinese Canadian Environmental Association * (CCEA)


CCEA is a non-profit organization. Its main activities include carrying out public educational events on environmental protection, popularizing
environmental knowledge, and promoting greener living through relevant programming
Mission and Objectives

Chinese Canadian Environmental Association bases its service in the Greater Toronto Area. It aims to promote environmentalism among Chinese Canadian communities, disseminate environmental knowledge, advocate for environmental actions, and engage Chinese Canadians in various environmental activities.

CCEA promotes and monitors the formulation and implementation of environmental policies and regulations at all governmental levels.

CCEA provides supports and guidance to its members while raising the awareness of Chinese Canadians about bio-diversity, ecology and climate change.

CCEA will play a proactive role in galvanizing the Chinese Canadian communities, reflect the environmental demands of the communities, protect and establish a good environmental image of Chinese Canadians.


– Organize all kinds of meaningful public educational activities to improve public’s understanding of environmental protection and its importance. This includes promoting changes in individuals daily behaviors for greener living; compiling and publicizing an environmental protection handbook.
– Help Chinese Canadians understand the various rewards and punishments introduced by the Canadian municipal, provincial and federal governments on energy-saving, emission reduction, and renewable energy consumption; master the environmental indicators released by the government, and the health index to be applied in everyday life.
– Promote United Nation’s vision of a green economy for environmental protection and sustainable development.
– Carry out environmental projects like household emission reduction report, environmental photography competitions, survey research, and
recycled bags design contests.


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