The phase fifth “Environment and Health” lecture ends

On Nov 19th 2016, the 2016 “Environment and Health” (phase fifth) lecture which organized by CCEA concluded successfully in Toronto North York Civic Center on the first floor conference hall.

This seminar is divided into 3 contents: 1, Mr. Huang introduced after the 2015 Paris climate conference, the implementation process of whole year to all nations which signed on, and the general profiles in 2016; Mr. Meng explained some new natural scenery photography, and shared some photos of birds in Canada these years; Mr. Long analysed food nutritional status in Toronto supermarkets from a nutritional perspective, and introduced some basic skills to pay attention to helthy food choices。

During the lecture, many friends asked questions, shared their experiences, and discussed the topics of environment and health. And then, they gave more advices to the next lecture.











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